Zhu Zhu Pets for Windows PC

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Where will your Zhu Zhu zhu-oom?Product InformationTake control of a hamster in a ball and get set to run the craziest race of your life! But be careful, because the clock is ticking, and everything is out to stop you! You will have a blast racing your Zhu Zhu Pets hamster through many unique courses... and that is only the beginning! Find secrets, win medals, unlock special races, and challenge your friends in the Zhu Zhu Pets hamster Rumble Arenas!Product Features Kid-friendly fun for the whole family Simple mouse-driven control Multiplayer races and knockout competitions Choose your Zhu Zhu Crazy hazards and tracks Windows Requirements Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Intel Celeron / AMD Duron 1 GHz processor 512 MB of RAM (including operating system memory) 100 MB uncompressed Hard Drive space 32 MB Video Card 16-bit Sound Card DirectX 9.0 CD-ROM drive Mouse Keyboard

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