Westek TM07DTB Decorative Programmable Indoor Daily Segment Timer

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Style: Home & Garden
Type: Lamps
Sale price$20.99


Product InformationThe Westek Programmable Daily Timerturns lamps or appliances on/off up to 96 times each day with non-removable pegs that can't be lost by user. The timer simulates occupancy in the home for added security. A designer cover hides and protects the controls when not in use, creating a more discreet appearance.FeaturesAutomatic - Turns lamps or appliances On or Off up to 96 times a day.Non-Removable Pegs - Prevents programming pegs from getting lostGrounded - Accepts lights/appliances with 3-Prong plugsDecorative Cover - Hides a protects controls when not in useSpecifications125V AC15A, 1875W Resistive8A, 1000W TungstenOne Year Limited Warranty

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