Tiltpod Universal Pocket-Sized Mini Tripod for Compact Cameras

Color: Black
Material: Wood
Style: Cameras & Photo
Sale price$17.27


Perfect always-ready tripod solution Product Information Always get the perfect shot with the Tiltpod Pocket-Sized Mini Tripod for Compact Cameras. The Tiltpod is the world's smallest quick-connect magnetic micro "tripod", which allows you to capture self-timer group shots, long exposure night shots, and stable video recordings anywhere! The grippy base with magnetic, 360-degree pivot gives you complete control over the position of your camera and can be placed on nearly any surface. The Tiltpod is compatible with most compact digital cameras, and includes two pivot points so you can always achieve the perfect angle even when the tripod socket is off-center. Also included is a wrist strap for easy connectivity to your camera while on-the-go. Product Features The perfect way to always have a tripod ready when and where you need it Ideal for taking sharp low-light shots, self-timer group photos, and stable video Magnetic micro positioning pivot allows for maximum range of motion and precision control no matter where you put your camera High-strength grippy magnetic base easily holds on to inclined surfaces, wood, rocks, and more Comes with two pivot points; one that screws into the tripod socket and a second that adhesively sticks to the camera for when the tripod socket is located off center Also includes a wrist strap that can easily be attached directly to the camera so your tripod is always at the ready Includes Stick-On Pivot Screw-On Pivot Magnetic Base Wrist Strap Set-Up Guide Specifications Color:Black Compatibility: Compact Digital Cameras Recommended Camera Weight: 7 oz. Base Dimensions: 2" x 1.5" x 0.1" (L x W x D, Approx) Material: Plastic

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