Seiko Traditional Look 12 Radio Wave Wall Clock QXR1311S

Color: Black
Style: Home & Garden
Type: Wall Clocks
Sale price$74.59


12" Radio Wave Wall ClockThe R-Wave Wall Clock from Seiko is both a stylish room accent and an accurate timekeeping device. The striking silvery clock boasts R-Wave movement, which means it receives a signal from the National Institute of Standards and Technologies to keep time within one second. The powerful clock also adjusts automatically for standard and daylight saving time. As good looking as it is functional, the R-Wave features a metallic case and sleek silvery face that pops with easy-to-read black Arabic numerals. One AA battery is included. Black clock features a traditional look with modern atomic timekeeping technology Round white dial with black hands and Arabic numerals allows easy reading Global R-Wave atomic timekeeping technology receives time calibration radio signals to ensure extreme accuracy Clock automatically adjusts for daylight savings time Powered by 1 AA battery (included)

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