Segula LED Wine Bulb 12W, Wine Bottle, Dimmable, Curved Filament (Green)

Color: Wine
Material: Glass
Style: Home & Garden
Sale price$33.85


The innovative LED Wine Lighting Bulbs by Segula are manufactured using recycled wine bottles and Segulas Signature energy saving Curved Filament Plus technology. With their classic shape and color, the Wine LED Bulbs make for the perfect accent piece in any restaurant or home. With their unique look these lamps impress even when switched off.You might have seen these before: pendant lamps made from empty wine bottles. They look great in 'Man Caves', Pubs and Bars, for example, or in fact any location that requires lighting with a unique and playful touch. Segula saves you all the work by designing these LED wine bottles. Instead of a cork, it has an E27 screw. You'll find the real beauty inside the glass though: a large, spiral-shaped LED filament that produces a very warm, pleasing light. The perfect solution if you're looking for atmospheric lighting.Features:These beautiful LED bulbs are manufactured using original recycled bottles and SEGULA's energy saving "Curved Filament Plus" technologyFlexible LED filaments look deceptively similar to classic glow wires, providing warm, glare-free illumination with the added efficiency benefits of LEDPatented production method ensures quality productsWith their unique look these bulbs impress even when switched off and when switched on enchant with an incomparably warm atmosphereSegula design line bulbs are fully dimmable, have a warm color temperature with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of up to 95 and a power factor of 0.85Segula wine LED bulb only uses 12-Watt of energy, lifetime of bulbs 15,000 hoursEstimated yearly energy cost: $1.45 (based on 3-hours/day, $0.11/kWh, cost depends on rates and use)Comes with Segula Wine LED E26 medium base bulb onlyEnergy class BApplicationsRestaurantWine shopBarMan CaveSpecs:Light Output: 120 lumensEnergy Used: 12 wattsAverage Lifetime: 15,000 hoursVolts: 120Base Type: European Medium Screw (E27)Filament Type: LEDColor / Finish: GreenColor Temperature: 2,500KDimensions: 2.44 in. x 2.44 in. x 11.69 in.

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