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Immerse yourself in gameplay through a redefined RPG experienceProduct InformationAs the King of Iolcus, Jason had everything: a prosperous kingdom, the respect of his peers and a beautiful fiance, the princess Alceme. But when she was assassinated on their wedding day, Jason vowed to take revenge on her killers, and to restore her life. To accomplish this feat, you, as Jason, must seek out the Golden Fleece with the help of Greek mythologys greatest heroes. An epic-scale, action role-playing game (RPG), Rise of the Argonauts immerses gamers in a gladiatorial adventure engaged in brutal combat, with warriors such as Hercules, Pan and Achilles as they traverse a world ruled by mythological gods.Product HighlightsIncredible PlayRise of the Argonauts immerses players completely in the world of ancient Greece. One way this is accomplished is by streamlining the RPG elements in exciting new ways. For example, rather than increasing arbitrary stats like 'Intelligence plus one', items and upgrades give Jason unique, tangible abilities like the Fist of Ares, which causes shields to explode, ripping apart nearby enemies. And individual battles aren't dependant upon a hit-point and dice system. If you manage to get behind a shield and slice into your enemies' neck, their head will be cleaved from their shoulders. The developers also spent time researching the look and feel of ancient Greek artwork, crafts and architecture for a richness of surrounding that is astonishing.As in ancient Greece, in Rise of the Argonauts players must curry the favor of the Gods. As you achieve deeds, you can dedicate them to different gods. A god's favor will also be affected by choices you make in conversations with non-player characters. As your favor, or disfavor, with a particular god rises, your abilities will be affected accordingly. But be careful, because the gods like few things better than meddling in the lives of their human subjects.Amazing BattlesThe battle system in Rise of the Argonauts is simple enough to pick up quickly, but has more finesse than your typical button masher. In battling enemies you weaken their armor, then their limbs, eventually finishing them off. Weapons can be switched mid-battle to unleash devastating combos, while using god-granted powers can also cause serious damage. Players can also choose how to defeat their enemies, and in so doing find interesting new allies. For example, in one of your battles you will fight Medusa herself. If you kill her, her brother Perseus will grieve for her but join you on your quest. If you save Medusa, however, Athena will command her to join your crew as a beginning to her penance for her misdeeds.In Rise of the Argonauts gamers will find a deep, and enthralling story that is matched only by the fun of playing it. With a wide range of upgradeable weapons, loads of different heroes to help you, gods to entreat, and an ever-changing story that is constantly affected by the choices you make, the possibilities seem endless. Add to that stunning visuals, a musical score created by film composer Tyler Bates, and a smooth blend of action and RPG that is new to the genre, and this is a game you simply must check out.Product FeaturesEarn unique powers and abilities and avoid tedious record-keeping by dedicating deeds to the god of your choiceStrengthen your character with armor and weapons upgrades significant in scope and powerfully apparentChoose wisely as decisions impact story flow and available missionsUnleash devastating attacks in real time with lethal combinations of weapons, powers granted by the gods and the battle tested loyalty of your Argonauts:Change weapons on the fly to outmaneuver opponents and keep your onslaught ragingAssemble the most effective team of Argonauts for each mission to put the best battle plan forwardUnleash supernatural attacks by drawing on your favor with the godsInflict attacks where damage to opponents is devastatingly apparent to their bodies and motionExplore the vibrant and powerful world of ancient mythological Greece brought to life:Lead the greatest team of warriors on the ultimate heroes' journeyBattle deadly foes, fearsome opponents and legendary monstersExperience a living, breathing and vivid ancient world taking you far beyond the broken statues and ruins that so often define the mythFeel the thrill of battle and intensity of action through Tyler Bates' (The 300) epic musical scoreWindows RequirementsWindowsIntel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2400+ processor1 GB of RAM8 GB of free Hard Drive spaceDirect X 9.0c compliant Video Card with 128 MB RAM and shader model 3 support (NVIDIA GeForce 6 series or better / ATI Radeon X1300 or better)100% Direct X 9.0c compliant Sound CardDVD-ROM drive

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