Pilot Automotive CZ-3050 LED Music Studio

Style: Consumer Electronics
Type: 12-Volt Portable Appliances
Sale price$24.37


Turn your favorite music into a fun LED light showProduct InformationTurn your favorite music into an amazing LED light show with the Pilot Automotive LED Music Studio. This unique and patent pending technology turns the audio signal from your audio device into a pulse that controls the connected LED lights. Now, 6 LED lights will each pulse separately to the frequencies of your music. The device includes a built-in gain control for quick and easy adjustments on the fly, and plugs directly into a 12V outlet, making this a great addition to your car, RV, or boat. The system connects to your device and audio system using 3.5mm audio cables (not included) and has a plug-n-play design, which means no wiring is required.Product FeaturesCreate a professional music light show anywhereUses the audio signal from your audio device to pulse the connected LED lightsIncludes 6 LED lights that pulse separately to each frequency - lows, mids, and highsFeatures built-in gain control that allows for quick and easy adjustments on the flyPlugs directly into 12V outlets, making it great for cars, boats, and RVsConnects to your audio device and stereo system using 3.5mm cables (cables not included)Plug-N-Play design means there's no wiring requiredSpecificationsColor:BlackNumber of LEDs: 6 LED lightsPower Source: 12V

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