myGEKOgear 2K 3 Chnl Dash Cam

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The Scout Pro is a Rideshare friendly 3-channel dash cam shooting in 2K (Front) + 1080p (In-Cabin) + 1080p (Rear). In 2-channel mode, it can record in 4K (front) + 1080p (rear). With an OBD II power cable included in the package, monitor your car 24/7 using the built-in parking mode for security. Connect your dash cam and smartphone through the mobile app to view, download, and share your footage directly. Track all driven locations and incident location with GPS logging . Supports up to 256GB of storage, allowing hours of footage before it s loop recorded over. A 32GB microSD card is included in the box so you can immediately start installation and recording all drives. Provide clear video evidence of what s happening around your vehicle in times when you need it the most

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