Microsoft Powerpoint 2004 for Mac OS X

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Manage your time, talents, and reputation! Product Information Incorporate rich movies, animations and transitions into your presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 for Mac. Keep the show running like a pro with features such as the on-screen timer, notes, navigation and more. Show business with a twist....Or with a zoom, sling and swish. Bring down the house with dynamic new animations and transitions inspired by Mac users. Learn more about these and other presenter-friendly options in Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 for Mac, designed to keep you on track and your audience transfixed. New Features Presenter Tools Keep your presentation well timed, and make adjustments on the fly as you respond to your audience with the tools in the presenters view window. Stay in control with an on-screen clock, a thumbnail view of the entire show, and note panes. New Template Designs Spice things up with a new look choose from more than 100 new design templates. Animation and Transitions Keep your audience interested with striking animations, smoother transitions and more than 100 new templates. Experiment with new 3D transitions and vivid custom animations to make your presentations richer and more dynamic. Font Formatting Improvements Quickly set font spacing, size and transparency with the new Format Font dialog box. Key Features Include Expanded Clip Gallery Get creative with the updated illustrations and new clip art available in the expanded Clip Gallery. Jazz up your presentation with animation effects available in PowerPoint Looking to add some pizzazz to your presentation? To ignite your creative imagination, take a look at the animation effects available in Microsoft PowerPoint. On the Slide Show menu, click Custom Animation, and then click Add Effect. You might be inspired to create an attention-grabbing slide show that will captivate your audience, reinforce your point, and stave off the BIG YAWN. Because animations are special visual effects that you can add to text or other objects, such as pictures or charts, you might be tempted to add at least one animation effect to every slide in your presentation. But, an important guideline for creating effective presentations is to use animation effects sparingly. Instead, think of ways you can grab your audience's attention by effectively using visual effects in key areas of your presentation: the opening, the key point, and the closing. Types of animation effects The animation effects in PowerPoint are grouped into three categories Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit. Within these categories, the animation effects are further grouped into descriptive subcategories Basic, Subtle, Moderate, and Exciting. Entrance effects - Apply these effects to determine how text or another object enters the slide. For example, you can make a bulleted list of text fly onto the slide one bullet point at a time as you discuss each one. Emphasis effects - Apply these effects to emphasize key items. For example, after a bullet text flies in, you can make the previous ones transparent or change to another color so that the current bullet text stands out. Exit effects - Apply these effects to determine how text or another object leaves the slide. For example, make the bullet text fly off the slide after you've discussed it. Apply animation effects - You can set and define your animation effects in the Custom Animation dialog box (On the Slide Show menu, click Custom Animation). Apply preset animations - In addition to applying animation effects through the Custom Animations dialog box, you can apply predefined animation effects by pointing to Preset Animations on the Slide Show menu. New entrance and exit animation effects - The following is a list of new entrance and exist animation effects in PowerPoint 2004 for Mac. Circle Diamond Plus Wedge Pinwheel Expand Contract Faded Swivel Faded Zoom Center Revolve Color Typewriter Compress Stretchy Ease In Ease Out Rise Up Sink Down Curve Up Curve Down Boomerang Light Speed Grow & Turn Ascend Descend Bounce Credits Flip Float Fold Glide Magnify Wheel Sling Swish Thread Spinner Unfold Whip Macintosh Requirements To run Microsoft PowerPoint 2004, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements: Operating System: Mac OS X version 10.2.8 to 10.6.8 Memory: 256 MB of RAM. Hard Disk*: 500 MB of available hard-disk space Drives: CD-ROM drive. Display: Monitor that can display 1024 x 768 or higher resolution displaying thousands of colors. *The hard disk should be in Mac OS Extended (HFS+) format, the default format for Mac OS X.

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