Memeo iExtend - Your Digital Life on your iPod

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Your Digital Life on Your iPod! Product Information Are important files scattered around your computer? No problem! SmartPicks locates and tracks specific file types even if they are stored in different folders and volumes. Your files are automatically backed up when they are created or changed. Relax, you never need to worry about lost files again. With Memeo iExtend, you can catch up with your latest emails, review the latest news, check your calendar, look up contacts and have your latest files wherever you go - all while enjoying your music. As simple as plugging in your iPod. Memeo iExtend helps you take all the important parts of your digital life - your photos, important files, email, contacts and much more on your iPod. Works silently in the background! Zero-Touch Data Preservation ensures that your changed files are immediately archived. iPod not connected? iExtend keeps track of all the changes you made and automatically transfers these files when it's reconnected. Product Highlights Back up music, photos and files Read e-mail, review notes and check your calendar Restore files to your PC Easy photo sharing For home, work and on the go Product Features Scan your last few weeks of email or review your notes while you listen to your music. Stay organized while you are away - with your current calendar, contacts and task lists. Ensure that you have the latest versions of files with you. Automatically back up your work from any location. iExtend does all the work to ensure your digital life is safe. Windows Requirements Windows 2000 Pro with SP6 or higher or Windows XP Home/Pro Edition 300MHz or higher processor 256MB of RAM for XP, 128MB of RAM 2000 Pro 20MB of hard disk space Requires Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 (If you don't have it on your system. iExtend will install it for you.) Microsoft Outlook required for viewing email All iPods supported CD-ROM Drive

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