McDavid Elite Engineered Elastic Wrist Support Sleeve (Small/Medium)

Style: Health & Beauty
Type: Orthotics, Braces & Sleeves
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Product InformationE3 is your number one choice when you're looking for lightweight, no-bulk, slip-on support for knees, Achilles tendons, ankles and wrists. Elite Engineered Elastics is precisely that-a higher grade and superior designed elastic. With flat-knit technology we've created a more form-fitting, breathable, comfortable and effective support system. give your joints the ELITE TREATMENT.4-way stretch elastic material provides increased compression and fit without heat retentionGel buttresses provide added pain-relieving compression to both sides of the wristAnatomical support for wrist tendons and ligamentsIncludes adjustable straps for mild to moderate supportCan be worn left or right

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