Math Missions: The Amazing Arcade Adventure with Math Card Game (Grades 3-5)

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A Math Arcade Adventure! Product Information In Math Missions: The Amazing Arcade Adventure, you must save Spectacle City by disrupting Randall Underling's plan to drive all the stores out of business and take over the city.The citizens are counting on you to solve real-world math challenges in the uniquely entertaining stores and make theme successful again. There are 15 different math activities, 10 math missions, and thousands of math challenges and word problems to solve! For your help, you'll earn money to open you own arcade, where you'll be able to choose a name, pick arcade games to play, set prices, and more! And, as an added bonus, receive the free math card game for even more learning wherever you are! Product Highlights 15 math activities and 10 math missions Arcade with seven games to play Thousands of math challenges and word problems Program automatically adjusts to student's progress Automated Personal Education Tutor provides help, instructions, maps, and more Strategies and hints help students solve problems Included progress report follows each student's development Product Features Problem Solving - Go on exciting Math Missions! Travel the city collecting objects and solving math challenges in order to disrupt Randall Underling's plan. Graphing and Data Analysis - Use your graphing skills to keep the electronic store's shelves stocked. Can you find the software product with the fewest units in stock? Measurement - Lend a hand at the outdoor market by using the scale to fill orders for fresh seafood. Counting Money - Deposit the exact change to take the bus to another area of Spectacle City! Decimals, Estimation and Unit Conversions - Find a way to purchase the super-sized products the customer is requesting while sticking to the budget! Combinations and Logic - Create team uniforms at the sports store by selecting the correct combinations of shirts, shorts, shoes, and hats. Geometry - Help finish Spectacle City's tallest building by placing the pieces of glass to complete the pattern. Money Management - Run your own arcade! Choose a name and theme, pick from seven action-packed games, set-up a karaoke machine, sell refreshments, advertise, and more. Multiplication and Division - Help make smoothies by dividing the recipe! Mix the exact amount of juice, puree, and powder for a tasty treat. Skills Learned Multiplication Division Estimation Fractions and Ratios Decimals Logic and Reasoning Problem Solving Equalities and Inequalities Classifying and Sorting Prediction Geometry Money Management Measurement Time Temperature Unit Conversions Graphing and Data Analysis Navigation and Direction Math Terms Combinations Added Bonus Added Bonus! Buy Math Missions: The Amazing Arcade Adventure and receive a math card game for free! Now, your children can practice their math skills at home or while on the go! Windows Requirements Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98, 95 Pentium III 266MHz processor or faster 64MB of RAM or more 175MB of available hard disk space 16-bit color 8X CD-ROM drive Windows compatible sound card Macintosh Requirements System 8.6 to 9.x,OS X iMac 233MHz or faster processor 64MB of RAM or more 175MB of available hard disk space 16-bit color 24X CD-ROM drive

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