Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer and Bermuda Triangle

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Explore mysteries and hidden objects in Bermuda and the Caribbean Product Information Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer and Bermuda Triangle is a two-game pack with plenty of hidden object fun and adventure. Discover secret treasures and lost fortunes below the surface of the sea in Caribbean Explorer. The enter the mysterious realm of the Bermuda Triangle in search of a missing ancestor - but beware of modern-day pirates. Both games lead you to unravel a unique mystery over the course of multiple levels with hundreds of hidden objects to locate. Solve two mysteries, play fun minigames, and seek out hidden objects in Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer and Bermuda Triangle. Product Overview Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer In Caribbean Explorer, the Caribbean Sea is full of sunken treasures and hidden mysteries, some rightfully belonging to your family. Your journey begins at Port Royal and will take you on an adventurous exploratio nthrough pirate-filled waters as you explore for your family's long-lost fortune. Carefully navigate the waters and see what secrets the ocean is hiding - it will be well worth your trip if done properly! Features: Unravel the mystery of your father's disappearance and your family's missing treasure Take to the high seas of the Caribbean in 14 missions spanning 41 locations Caribbean Explorer features 54 levels and thousands of hidden items to locate Play five different pirate-themed mini-games to complete the mystery Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle In Bermuda Triangle, the story begins when a librarian discovers she has a relative who whent missing as part of a famous wreck in the mysterious seas of the Atlantic. As she sets out on her search for her ancestor, she hires a salvage captain who is familiar with the area. Throughout her journey, she must sort out fact from fiction as the modern day Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle are happy to "help" her along the way. Features: Use clues to decipher fact and fiction 100s of hidden objects throughout each level Use tools to help find the most difficult objects Examine shipwrecks, plane crashes, salvage yards, and more 28 levels plus eight mini-game missions Put the pieces together during mini-games to solve the mystery Includes Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle System Requirements Caribbean Explorer Windows XP, Vista AMD or Intel 1.0 GHz Processor or better 256 MB of RAM 150 MB of available hard disk space 16-bit video card (800 x 600 or higher) DirectX 9.0a with compatible video and sound cards (Caribbean Explorer is not compatible with Macintosh OS.) Bermuda Triangle on Windows Windows 2000, XP, Vista 500 MHz Pentium Processor or better 128 MB of RAM 100 MB of available hard disk space 16 MB video card DirectX 9.0a with compatible video and sound cards Bermuda Triangle on Macintosh Macintosh OS X - 10.4 G3 400 MHz processor 128 MB of RAM

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