Knowledge Adventure JumpStart Spanish for Windows and Mac

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Type: Education, Language, Reference
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Product InformationKids will get a jump start learning Spanish with friendly charactersRecent child development research indicates children are most receptive to learning languages at a young age. JumpStart Spanish gives kids the benefit of exposure to a second language while they are still learning their native tongue. Simple, age-appropriate activities introduce Spanish basics, including words, phrases, numbers, and songs. They'll learn over 200 vocabulary words, enjoy interactive language activities, and be able to play with multiple levels of difficulty, making it a great way to give your child a bilingual head start in today's multicultural world.Product FeaturesOver 200 vocabulary wordsMultiple levels of difficultyInteractive language activitiesDevelop an ear for other languages while playing with friendly characters who speak in Spanish - No reading required.Sing along with new friends - a great way to remember a sound is to sing it out loud.Simple, age-appropriate introduction to SpanishSkills LearnedSpanish vocabulary wordsSpanish phrasesSpanish numbersSpanish songs and musicSpanish cultureWindows System RequirementsWindows XP, 2000, ME, 98Pentium II 300 MHz processor or faster128 MB of RAM or more100 MB of free Hard Disk space16X CD-ROM drive16-bit color with 256 color capabilityWindows compatible Sound CardMacintosh System RequirementsMacintosh OS X v8.6, v9.2Power Mac G3 233 MHz or faster processor32 MB of RAM or more100 MB of free Hard Disk space16-bit color with 256 color capability16X CD-ROM drive

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