Jet-Pro 1101 Colonial Shower Spa Multi-Head Massaging Shower Panel Black Bamboo

Color: Black
Material: Glass
Style: Home & Garden
Sale price$169.31


Product InformationThe stylish contouring of the Colonial model makes an unforgettable change in any home. Clean, polished glass surfaces are highlighted with glistening chrome hardware accents. The rich, lustrous housing reflects the surrounding decor, uniquely, beautifully blending and contrasting at the same time. The integrated shelf keeps shower and spa necessities conveniently at hand. The Colonial model, provides all of these incredible, feel-good features: An oversized "Rain Shower" it's like standing under a waterfall a full drench sensation. Plus, 6 "Comfort Jets" 4 that tilt and 2 that are flush that have 2 different spray settings conveniently heating your entire back promoting blood flow and energy plus, a large size "Tilting Turbo Jet" delivering heat pulsation and massaging lower back and hip flexors . Plus, a sliding height adjustable "Twist select Handheld shower with 5-function massage or shower settings to enable user to massage or rinse remote body parts. The unique pre-plumbed, totally self-contained construction allows any shower (home, apartment, hotel or health club) to receive a remodel-level upgrade in less than an hour - without new construction or changes to existing pipes and water pressure. You don't even have to turn off the water supply! It's easy as 1,2 3! Remove old shower head, attach 2 mounting brackets, hook connection to the water line, hang unit and enjoy!The first massaging multi-headed shower panel for in-home use that literally transforms a regular shower into a beautiful spa retreat in minutesThe combination of heat, water and massage will relieve pain, stress, increase circulation, energize and heal your joint pains and aching muscles4 amazing water features, 5 settings, 337 water nozzles with infinite options - all the deluxe water features you would find at a world-class spaInstalls in minutes - hang it like a picture frame and you're done - no plumbing, construction or changes to your existing pipesLower water consumption - engineered and functions to meet new lower water consumption Federal Regulations

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