GameSoft Poker Drop for Windows PC

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Compete for High Scores!Product InformationThe pressure is on and the payoff is big. Welcome to the high-stakes game of Poker Drop, an exciting new take on one of the world's most popular card games. The dazzling combination of a puzzle game and high-stakes poker will take you where no other card game has taken you before. Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal card combinations score points. With exciting gameplay and three different game styles (Free Play, Survival, and Challenge), Poker Drop will be one of the most addictive games you'll ever play. So much for solitaire! Product FeaturesPoker Drop requires quick reflexes, snap decision making, and the ability to strategically position traditional poker hands.The ever-increasing speed at which the cards fall from the top to the bottom of the screen makes arranging your hands more and more difficult as the game progresses.Like traditional Poker, the better the hand, the higher its value is.Poker Drop provides three modes of play to choose from, Freeplay, Survival, and Challenge. In each mode the objectives change, while the excitement and challenge remains the same.Bonus points are awarded when multiple hands are created at the same time.It is possible to save the game you are currently playing at any time during the gameplay, but not while the end of round, or beginning of round menus are visible.Poker Drop has three different High Score tables, one for each mode of play. Once a game has finished and a high score has been beaten, a screen will pop up which will allow you to enter your name for bragging rights later on.Activities IncludeModes of PlayFreeplayThe objective of Freeplay is to use the 52 cards in each round to make hands that amount to the highest possible score. A round is finished once all 52 cards have fallen. At the end of a round, the cards remaining on the playing area that were not used to make hands are subtracted from you score, the cards are reshuffled and you advance to the next round. The speed at which the cards drop increases each round you advance to.SurvivalThe objective of Survival mode is to continuously create hands that not only award points, but also affect the speed of the game. In Survival mode each card that falls drops faster than the last card that fell. Creating hands slows down the speed at which the cards fall. The higher the value of the hand you create, the more it decreases the speed that the cards are falling. Unlike Freeplay mode, the cards that left on the playing area once all 52 cards have fallen stay there, while the rest of the deck is reshuffled and then redropped.ChallengeThe objective of Challenge mode is to create specific hands. At the beginning of each round you are given a list of hands that need to be completed in order to advance to the next round. As soon as the objective for that round has been completed, the round ends and you advance to the next level.Windows System RequirementsWindows 98, Me, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)Pentium 100 MHz or faster processor16 MB of RAM11 MB free hard disk spaceWindows-compatible video cardWindows-compatible sound card and speakersCD-ROM drive

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