Cuisinart Curve Handle Garlic Press CTG-01-GP

Style: Home & Garden
Type: Kitchen & Steak Knives
Sale price$28.47


Now Cuisinart has even more of what it takes to cook. This new line of dishwasher-safe kitchen tools and gadgets features soft-grip ergonomic handles. The tools are designed to lie flat, so they'll never tip or roll. Nylon heads are heat resistant up to 400-Degree Fahrenheit and are safe for all nonstick cookware. Features: Soft-grip nonslip ergonomic handles|Tool handles are designed to lie flat on countertop and will not roll|Nylon tool heads are safe for nonstick cookware and heat resistant up to 400F - Dishwasher safeSoft-grip ergonomic handlesTools are designed to lie flat on the countertop and will not rollNylon heads on tools are heat resistant up to 400-Degree FahrenheitNylon tools are safe for nonstick cookwareDishwasher safe

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