Chef'sChoice 430 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener for Serrated Knives

Color: Red
Material: Steel
Style: Home & Garden
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For Serrated Knives Only:The Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone Manual Model 430 Serrated Knife Sharpener is easy to use and effective on any serrated knife including serrated fish fillet knives and forged serrated knives such as bread, tomato and steak knives. It also sharpens so-called "never-need-sharpening" serrated knives -- and improves their cutting performance. A serrated edge becomes dull when:The microscopically thin teeth become misaligned, dull and even fold over. As a result, food is torn and crushed instead of cut. The Chef'sChoice Serrated Knife Sharpener uses patented built-in conical roller guides that automatically establish the correct sharpening angle to properly realign and resharpen the serrated teeth. The user simply pulls the knife back and forth through the sharpener while holding the blade against the red roller guides. The rollers turn to confirm that the blade is properly positioned and the correct angle is being maintained. All guesswork is eliminated. The resharpened knife glides through food cleanly with substantially less effort and without shredding and tearing. The Model 430 Serrated Knife Sharpener uses a special diamond abrasive optimized for serrated knife sharpening. As a result, only microscopic amounts of metal are removed during the sharpening process. Tests have shown that, after hundreds of sharpenings with the Chef'sChoice Model 430, knives show minimal wear of the serrated edge teeth. Since diamonds are the hardest and most efficient abrasive known, they will quickly sharpen any alloy. In addition, they do not 'load up'. Using a proprietary process perfected by EdgeCraft, diamond abrasives are permanently bonded to steel sharpening pads, which sharpen both sides of the serrated teeth simultaneously, quickly revitalizing the entire knife edge from blade tip to bolster or handle. Serrated knives are essentially saws with teeth along the cutting edge. Depending on the manufacturer and intended use, the size, number, and shape of the teeth can vary widely. These teeth (serrations) may be ground into one or both sides of the edge. The cutting effectiveness of the serrations depends almost entirely on the sharpness of the prominent teeth. It is not necessary to sharpen the scallops between the teeth, since, in general, they are not doing the cutting. The Model 430 is designed to straighten and sharpen the prominent teeth so they become ultra-sharp miniature blades or "micro-blades." Compact, portable and lightweight, the Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone Manual Model 430 Serrated Knife Sharpener requires no electricity and is ideal for use in the home, vacation cottage, boat or trailer. No lubricants, water or sharpening oils are needed. Molded from a high-strength engineering plastic, the sharpener is sturdy with a "sure-grip" handle that gives the user a secure hold. Slip-resistant rubber feet hold it firmly to the work surface. In addition, the sharpener can be used right- or left-handed.Features It's a revolutionary manual sharpener for serrated and "never-need-sharpening" knives Realigns serrated edge and sharpens prominent teeth into razor-sharp "micro-blades" 100% diamond abrasives for fast results Precision roller guides for foolproof sharpening

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