Big Blast Plastic Bottle Top Cap Targets

Material: Plastic
Style: Sporting Goods
Type: Targets
Sale price$32.03


Product Summary Big Blast Caps adds another level of fun to your trigger time. Big Blast Caps use regular plastic beverage bottles and turn them into a highly pressurized, reactive target. All you have to do is attach the cap to your used plastic bottle, inflate with a bike pump, and shoot! Great for bows, firearms and pellet rifles. Try using a colored liquid or powder for a great visual effect when the bottle explodes. Big Blast Caps are reusable and make plastic bottles explode to create a loud BOOM! Features Packaging Length: 9.63" Construction: ABS Plastic Packaging type: Blister Pack 10 reusable caps 2 inflator needles 1 mesh inflation bag 1 string to tie to cap to prevent losing it during the blast 1 instruction manual

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