Aerovation TSA Ready - Checkpoint Friendly Shoulder Strap

Color: Black
Style: Travel
Type: Other Travel
Sale price$18.67


Make your computer case more comfortable to carry Product Information The Aerovation Checkpoint Friendly Shoulder Strap is the ideal way to comfortably carry your computer bag. The strap easily attaches to your bag or case and features a cushioned, contoured design so that it hangs comfortably on your shoulder during those long walks through the airport. And, even better is that it's checkpoint friendly. The strap is made of special material that will disappear under the x-ray scanner, so it won't get in the way of viewing your laptop bag when going through security, even if the strap is laid over top of the bag. Designed for ergonomic transport, the Shoulder Strap is the perfect upgrade for your case, and especially pairs well with Aerovation's Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags. Product Features Strap easily attaches to your laptop bag/case Features a cushioned, contoured design that allows the strap to comfortably hang from your shoulder Made from special material the disappears under an x-ray scanner, making the strap checkpoint friendly Pairs well with the Aerovation's line of Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags Specifications Color: Black Length: 35" (Approx.) Compatibility: Aerovation's Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags or other bags/cases

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