Shattered Suns for Windows PC (Rated E 10+)

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In space, the sky is no limit. It's a moving 3D battlefield Product Information Shattered Suns is unlike any real-time strategy (RTS) game you have ever played. Loaded with revolutionary new features and strategic depth. Custom design every space ship in your fleet, design your own custom weapons even combined weapons, fight space battles in all three dimensions, and adapt to an ever-changing battlefield as planets and moons orbit. Interactive Campaign Custom Ships Orbiting Planets and Moons Large-Scale, Intense Battles Experience it all through an epic story with a revolutionary new style of single-player campaign. Interact directly with characters, explore non-linear story arcs, and collect resources and ships to carry with you from game to game. Experience the RTS revolution today in Shattered Suns! Product Features Real 3D Space Battles Fight in all 3 Dimensions Attack from above and below Orbiting Planets and Moons Ever-Changing Battlefield Immersive Single Player Campaign Epic Story Depth Non-Linear Story Arcs Realistic Characters Wide Variety of Missions Windows Requirements Windows 2000, XP with SP2, Vista with SP1 1 GHz processor (2 GHz recommended) 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended) 2 GB available Hard Drive space 128 MB Video RAM (256 MB recommended) Pixel Shader 2.0 support DirectX 9.0c compatible Video and Audio 4X or faster DVD-ROM drive Keyboard required Mouse required

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