Paul Cezanne: Art Tours Interactive Guides

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Interactive Guides to the Worlds Finest Art CollectionsProduct InformationPaul Czannes vibrancy and quiet exploration make him one of the most brilliant and representative of the Impressionist painters. In this interactive 3D virtual gallery youll discover and appreciate Czannes greatest paintings. Expert commentary from art historians guides you through the tour with analysis and context to help you understand and appreciate this artists work and his contribution to the arts.Expert commentary by leading art historians, analysis, detailed views, biographies, and more!Detailed scholarly analysis studies the paintings interpretation of the rich tradition of Impressionism.Tour at your own pace and choose the paintings you want to learn about, comparing them with other works, periods, and styles.Product Features150 photos33 works of artMore than 2 hours of commentaryMore than 40 pages of textSlide shows and videosWindows RequirementsWindows 98, XP, Vista133 MHz or faster processor16 MB RAM10 MB free hard disk space640x480 monitor, 256 colorsSound card & speakers4X CD-ROM driveMacintosh RequirementsMAC OS, OS X ClassicPowerMac 133 MHz or better16 MB RAM10 MB free hard disk space640x480 monitor, 256 colors4X CD-ROM drive

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