LED Smart Symphony Wireless Speaker & LED Lightbulb

Style: Home & Garden
Type: Light Bulbs
Precio de venta$26.97
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Product InformationThe Smart LED Symphony Bulb has a 2-in-1 design with LED light & Bluetooth audio speaker. LED Symphony bulb allows users to connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled device and has 50,000 hours of LED life span. This device features super bass sounds, unlimited options for light color, the lightbulb light flashes with the music, and more. Download the app on a smartphone and users can control all of the light bulb settings. The LED Symphony bulb gives users a great atmosphere, intelligent lighting, and high purity and clarity sounds.Bob Marley once said "The one thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain." If your favorite tunes have that much of an impact on your life, you're going to want an ultimate listening experience. This LED bulb and speaker not only plays your favorite jams loud and clear, but it also times light to your beats, so it's like a total rave in your living room. Just open the phone app, switch the light on, and rock out for hours. Music will never be the same when you screw one of these babies in for an out of this world experience.2-in-1 wireless Bluetooth speaker and LED light bulbhigh audio purity and clarityConnect wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device and play50,000 hours of LED life spanUnlimited options for light colorTransmitting/Receiving working distance up to 30 feetSuper bass soundsEnergy savings and ECO-friendlyTurns any light socket in your house into a Bluetooth speakerCustomizes listening experience by picking a color to change during sessionStreams music from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other Bluetooth-enabled deviceGreat as an alarm clockCompatible with iOS and android

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