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Connect with fiber and provide power to remote PoE devices. Copper port auto negotiates for network speed and features Auto MDI-X for easy cabling. LEDs indicate when it is feeding PoE power as well as when power is interrupted. RoHS compliant. Connect Gigabit-speed fiber optic to a 10-/100-/1000-Mbps copper UTP segment while also powering 802.3af devices at the end of the CAT5 run. This PoE PSE Gigabit Media Converter from Black Box enables you to transparently connect copper cabling to multimode fiber as an economical way to extend Ethernet communications well beyond the 100-meter (327-foot) CATx limit. Along with matching copper to interference-free fiber at Gigabit speeds the converter doubles as power sourcing equipment (PSE) for Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices plugged in on the copper side. Using existing UTP cabling for both data communications and 48-VDC power simplifies a network application in terms of provisioning power and maintaining equipment. It's particularly ideal for locating equipment where electrical access is inconvenient or just too expensive to locate. Install PoE-compatible security cameras and wireless access points in areas without any nearby power outlets while reducing your overall power consumption too. Plus the PoE PSE Gigabit Media Converter has extensive power management features including overcurrent protection undercurrent detection minimum load sensing and PSE MDI power enable/disable. For reliable data communications the media converter boasts link fault pass-through (LFP) capabilities monitoring receive ports on both the fiber and copper sides for loss of signal. If signaling is lost on one media port it automatically disables the transmit (TX) signal to the other media port. Additionally a far-end fault (FEF) function enables the converter to cease sending a link pulse to a link partner if signaling on the fiber receive (RX) port is lost. The link partner will also synchronously stop sending data. This way you don't lose valuable data transmitted over an invalid link.This product is covered by one or more of the following United States Patent Nos. 7457250 8902760 and/or 9019838.

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