Frieling 5030 Automatic Sealing Sous Vide Ready Vacuum Sealer Silver

Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Style: Home & Garden
Precio de venta$92.62


Vacuum / Sous Vide Sealer - Vacuum Sealed Foods Store LongerProtect food from freezer burn and dehydration. Save money by buying in bulk and sealing portions to cook as needed!The perfect companion for sous vide cooking!Sous Vide means "under vacuum." Seal in the food you wish to cook, along with your favorite marinade, and prepare.SAVE TIME AND MONEY: buy meat in bulk, divide, and seal to freeze for the future!FULLY AUTOMATIC vacuum system for food storage, preservation, and sous videFOUR SEALING MODES: Frieling vacuum food sealer is design with four sealing modes to provide the best preservation for your foods. You can choose between Strong, Gentle, Dry and Moist. Secure Seal for air-tight sealing every time.INCLUDES SPECIALLY DESIGNED VACUUM BAGS that are designed to prevent freezer burn, reduce spoilage and food wasteGerman made Frieling brand vacuum bags available to purchase in 50 count bags and 2 bag rollsEasy to use! Open lid, insert the open side of the bag into the vacuum chamber. Press the cover down firmly into place and either Seal or Vacuum and Seal as needed!Fully automatic vacuum systemSecure seal for air-tight sealing every time!High quality stainless steel housing.2 adjustable speeds and 2 time settings for ultimate control.10 vacuum bags included.Vacuum hose included for containers.

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