Emoticon Swirl & Sling Dottery - 2 For You Game Pack

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Type: Video Games
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2 Full Version Puzzle Games in 1 CollectionProduct InformationEnjoy two action-packed puzzle games in this game pack collection. Emotion Swirl is a feel good puzzle game where Emos are bouncing off the walls! SlingDottery is a manic matching game where you have to use your skills wisely and make a match. These fun-filled games are great for all ages! Product Titles IncludedEmotion SwirlSlingDotteryProduct OverviewEmotion Swirl Look Out Below! Defeat the Dark Emo in each level by liberating the innocent and oblivious Emos that surround and protect him. Use your spring-loaded Emopult to fire Emos into the fray. Group 3 or more Emos of the same color /emotion together to liberate them from the evil influence of the Dark Emo. But beware The Dark Emo will grab innocent Emos around him and create a swirl to defeat your efforts, and the field of Emos will continually drop lower and lower as time goes on. Their freedom is in your hands.SlingDotteryMake Me a Match! SlingDottery is a puzzle game that combines the best elements of Mahjongg and Bingo. In each ten round game, match the Dots on your 6 hexes to the Dots provided in the enter Hex. Eliminating all Dots on a Hex allows you to play one of 20 fun mini-ames to drive your point total higher. Clearing multiple Hexes in a round can reveal Boomerang and Around the World Challenges that will take your scores through the roof. Choose wisely when to play your Dots. Will you make a perfect match?Product FeaturesFree all access pass to the DotSpot Members Only Area Included *Get Paid for Your Play!Submit the Dots you earn playing Emotion Swirl and SlingDottery for chances to win cool cash at SlingDot.com Instant Win Cash and PrizesWin cash, gift cards, music, games and more just for playing great games at SlingDot.com.* Thousands of dollars in prizes given away every week. Are you ready for even more games?Bonus - Included inside with the CD, a Free 30 Day all access pass to exclusive DotSpot members only games. Over 75 Free great games, contests, chat, cash and prizes await you at SlingDot.com.*System RequirementsWindows Me, 2000, XPPentium III 800MHz. or compatible processor256MB of RAM200MB of Hard Drive Space16MB DirectX 9 compliant Video CardDirectX 9 compliant Sound CardKeyboardMouse8X CD-ROM driveManaged DirectX 9.0c or higher (included on CD)Flash 8.0 or higher (included on CD)Microsoft .NET Framework1.1 or higher (included on CD)Internet connection required to use the SlingDot.com feature for cash/prizes* Must be 18 years or older to enter cash or prize drawings.

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