4PT RS232 Passive Splitter

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Passively share one RS232 DCE device with four RS232 DTE devices. Used with the RS-232 Modem Splitter Rackmount Chassis - 2U (TL400A) this splitter makes it easy and affordable for four terminals to share a single modem. With this system you can avoid the cost of having to purchase and install multiple modems and multiple modem lines. Plus it's easy to set up and use. There are no user-configurable switches jumpers or settings on the modem splitter. Simply connect the modem and terminal (DTE) devices to it then power up your modem and terminals as normal. The splitter's master port connects to your modem using an RJ-45 straight-through cable and the appropriate RJ or DB adapter. Its other ports (Port 1 through Port 4) connect to your DTE terminal devices. NOTE Only one terminal device can send data to the modem at a time.

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